Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New School Year

Mallory actually started last week, but I forgot to take pictures. This is Mallory in 2nd grade and Logan starting Kindergarten.
Silly faces!!!!
Is it just me or do girls get more dramatic as they get older?
We go to Mallory's bus stop every morning with her. It's right across the street from our house.
Logan waiting in line before school for his teacher to come get his class.
Logan and his friend Jade waiting together.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun day gone terribly wrong

So today I decided that I was going to take the kids down to the Gateway and have lunch and run through the fountains and then come home.

It started out simple enough. We went to the Trax station, purchased our tickets and got on the train. Got there, had lunch and then walked to the fountains. I was watching the kids play in the water while I sat on a bench nearby. I was looking at Lyndie and then glanced over to look at Logan for about 2-3 seconds. I went back to look at Lyndie again and she was gone. vanished without a trace. I quickly started to scan the area thinking she couldn't have gone that far. I then started walking around the fountains and scanning the outer areas as well. Then panic set in. I started to ask other parents if they had seen a little girl with curly blond hair. Soon many of the other mothers were helping me as they could see my panic. I then ran across the street to tell the security guard my daughter was lost and to gather help.

Just as I said that to him, another mom ran over to me and said she thinks my daughter is up the stairs by another security guard. I started to walk over and was saying "but I can't see her, I can't see her!" I ran up about 50 stairs to the second level and there was Lyndie sitting on the edge of a little pool just dipping her feet in. I thanked the security guard for staying with her. He stayed with her because he knew it seemed like no one knew where she was. Like she was all alone.

This incident today has totally made me realize how easy it is to lose your children. I literally looked away for 2 seconds and then she was gone faster than I could look for her.

Are you ready for the freakiest part? Last night I had a dream that I had lost Lyndie! In my dream she was found by a police officer and he had found her walking alone the side of the freeway. Has anyone else had an experience like that? I seem to have them more often than I would like to admit.

Anyway, we are all home and safe now. I think our outings are over for a little while. I need a valuum.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mallory's Birthday Party 7 yrs. old

I totally forgot to blog about Mallory's birthday party. We had friends over for water play outside and pizza and cake. They had a blast. I heard that the little girl screams could be heard for miles away.