Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barbie "Bliss"

Logan and Mallory love to play Barbies together. I think it is so funny to see Logan play because he uses a high pitch voice to talk like the Barbies. I hope he will laugh at this when he is older.
And then he crashes the Barbies together over and over again to see where they land. (Ok, so he is definitely a boy.) 

p.s. Here is an update on the Binky issue with Lyndie.....She is officially off the Binky and doing well. I survived better than I thought I would.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bye-Bye Binky (I hope)

So, Lyndie has had a binky for way too long and I need to get her off of it.  I read an idea online about how one mom bagged up all the binkies in the house and took her child to Build-A-Bear to "exchange" them for a bear. I am desparate, so I though we would try it.

After taking Logan to preschool, we went home and I told her what we were doing and that we needed to go find all of her binkies. When she found the first binky, I told her to put it in the bag and she turned and yelled "No! My Binky!" and ran into her room, slammed the door and sat on Mallory's bed. (Off to a great start)

After I bagged up all her binkies, we headed off for the mall. She picked out this bear all on her own and then we got it stuffed and while stuffing it the lady suggested Lyndie put her binkies inside the bear. I was shocked she did it, but she did and then we got her dressed and named her "Binky". I thought that was appropriate.

When we got home, she would not hold the bear to have a picture with it, so I am holding it next to her in the photo. On the way home I saw her turn the bear over and look for the hole that the binkies were in and I think she is mad at the bear for not giving them back to her.

I just laid her down for a nap and she has been asking for a binky now for an hour from her room. I gave her the bear to hold instead, but she still won't touch it now. Oh, well. Life as a mom was never supposed to be easy, only worth it one day....hopefully. If Lyndie ends up in therapy because I took her binky away, I will accept full responsibility.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like Daddy, Like Daughters

I thought this was a cute picture. The girls especially love to color just like Dad. Mallory takes their coloring time very seriously. She is definitely going to be a little artist. I don't know if Lyndie is following Mallory or Dad, because she idols both of them. 

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lemonade out of Lemons

We decided to make the funeral a mini-vacation since we were there in California. The beach is always a great way to wear out the kids.

Lyndie had her 2nd birthday this weekend, so we celebrated at Grandma Hutchinson's house. I also had my 2nd birthday there and have pictures of me blowing out my candles.
She totally knows how to do it! I was so impressed.
The night of the funeral, all the adult grandkids went to San Francisco and enjoyed the sites. When we got there, we were shocked! It was freezing! We all bought jackets from the street vendors there and that still wasn't enough. It was crazy because we only drove about 40 min and the temperature dropped about 60 degress from we came from.
We went to see all the sea lions at pier 39.
Abe got called up on stage to help with a trick.

They all sat in chairs and then the performer guy took all the chairs away and they had to balance on each other. 
This is me and Lyndie at the beach. She would scream everytime she saw a wave coming for us. They were getting pretty high and did soak some people's stuff on the beach by us.

Grandma's Funeral

We traveled to California this weekend to say goodbye to Grandma Hutchinson for one last time. The funeral was excellent and it celebrated a life of service and of giving to others until the very end.  Almost all of the Grandkids made it to the funeral and were able to help. All the paul-bearers are the adult grandsons: Abe Carr, John Ishoy, Jon Kendall, Glen Ishoy, Steven Kendall, David Hutchinson, Joey Hutchinson, Mike Hutchinson, and Ben Carr.

All of these boys were sweating to death. There just happened to be a terrible heat wave in California this weekend and they all wore suits! Needless to say, this part of the service was rather quick and then we headed back to the church for a luncheon put on by the Relief Society.

Since we were all together and that never happens, we got everyone together for a big family picture. I won't type all the names, because that would take too long. But the picture has all the Hutchinson children and all the Hutchinson grandchildren and a few others who I will admit that I do not know.