Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going Private

So, for those of you that are not sure why you got an invite to be a reader on my blog, it's because I am going private now. My friend, Kelli, called me last night after looking at the traffic on her blog. She noticed that someone from Spain had downloaded pictures of her little girl and they had come to her site from mine. She also noticed that they had downloaded pictures from my site too of my kids.

So, to protect my kids, I am now going private. If any of you have a blog, I would check your traffic and see who is visiting your blog and what they are doing on there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Awards Assembly for Mallory

So, this morning I went to an awards assembly for Mallory at her school. There are basically 3 levels of awards they try to earn during the year. We didn't really try, so Mallory got a certificate of participation along with all the other kids who didn't really earn it. The kids who earned one of the awards got a medal.

After the assembly I caught up with Mallory on the way back to her class and told her how proud of her I was, etc. She then looked at me and said, "What!? I don't get an award? All I get is this piece of PAPER!?" That made me laugh, so I had to share it. I think next year we will try harder to get it? Some of teachers did all the passing off of goals on school time with the kids, so hopefully Mallory gets one of those teachers next year.

Monday, June 22, 2009

No Joke!

I have to write about something that happened to me at Wal-Mart on Saturday. I was at the cash register paying for my groceries. The checker told me my total and I got out my debit card and swiped it like normal. I then looked at the number pad to enter my pin and there was a huge furry spider on it!

I totally freaked out and made the checker come kill it! If anyone knows me well, they know that me and spiders do not mix well. My heart was racing and my toes were curling, literally. I could barely think straight enough after that to finish my transaction.

I will ALWAYS look at the debit machine from a distance now to make sure nothing is on it! GROSS!


This last weekend we went on our ward campout. This was in the morning when all the men were trying to cook breakfast in the rain. It turned out pretty good considering...
I was one of the few that came prepared for rain and I was not about to give up my umbrella.
Logan really enjoyed poking the fire with his stick. He would sit it in the fire until it caught on fire, then he would take it out and blow it out. I don't know how safe that was, but we came home with no injuries.
Mallory was finding little sticks to throw into the fire.
That's Lyndie in there mooching chocolate off of one of the moms.
Logan was so tired. And this was right after we got there! He was a trooper though. He didn't complain about it, he just laid down when he could.
This is Mallory with one of her little friends, Grace. She was glad that some of her friends came up so she could hang out with them.
Lyndie still mooching food off of other people. They willing give it to her. Those big blue eyes and soft blond curls get her a lot. We are in big trouble with her.
Logan enjoying some Oreos by the fire.

It was a good time. We ended up sleeping in our van, which was really warm. I was worried about the cold since it had rained all week down in the valley. One scary thing did happen when we were there, though. Mallory wandered off with one of her friends "exploring". After a few minutes of them out of my sight, I got a feeling to go look for her. The other little girl's mom also started looking. Pretty soon the whole camp was looking for them too. I was panicked, but a couple of boys from our camp found them and brought them back.

I truly believe that Heavenly Father watches over out little ones. Mallory and her friend had gotten worried about the same time I got the feeling to go look for them. Mallory was crying when she got back and said that they had wandered into the wrong camp. The rest of the trip, I watched her like a hawk. She hated it, but I didn't lose her again and that's all that matters.