Monday, May 21, 2012

The last of the "Catching up"

 New Years Eve party with some neighborhood friends.

 Before Sawyer's first haircut
 during the haircut...he was so good for it.
 after the haircut....he looks like a little boy!
 Rachel's dorm room
 Lyndie getting cavities filled once again.
 New cabiniets and counters in the kitchen.

 New sink and faucet
 New storm door
 New swing set
 Annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt

 Sawyer helping shovel horse manure into our garden. He really loved this for some reason.
 Logan has been doing a lot of swimming. He goes three days a week and his favorite stroke is freestyle.
 New family car. 2009 Nissan Pathfinder
Logan the morning of his baptism. 
 Jeremy and Logan before the baptism in their cute white jumpsuits.
 Uncle John and his motorcycle. The kids sure do love getting rides on this.
 Mallory at Aspen's house for a "prom" party.
 Annie and Paul's back yard.

Cousins in a box

And there you have it....the last five months of our life condensed into this post and the previous one too. Feels good to be caught up.

Catching up( a little) Still need to catch up some more. :)

 Apparently I haven't blogged in months so here we go.....
This first pic is of Lyndie telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. He came and visited her kindergarten class this year and it was a lot of fun.
 Now we skip ahead to Logan's 8th birthday party. We went swimming at the rec center with some of his friends and it was a lot of fun.

 There will be pics soon of his baptism too.....ya I am totally behind.
 Next we have Lyndie in a production of Rapunzel. She is a chameleon and a fairy. 

 She had the funnest time being on stage in front of everyone. She kept doing her own thing and it just made us all laugh hysterically. She even tried to steal Rapunzel's solo when she was singing. 
This is Lyndie finding her mark on the stage.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas and New Years

We spent New Year's Eve at our friends house playing games and eating yummy food. Lots of fun! Jeremy stayed home with Mallory and Sawyer. They both had strep and I did too but didn't know it yet.
New Christmas Dress
New Christmas Dress

Feeding the reindeer at Thanksgiving point with the kids.
Lyndie with Mila and Hailey after her Christmas program at school.
Lyndie and Abby after the Christmas program at school.
Lyndie with most of the "Sunset Hills gang" She is lucky to have so many friends to play with.

Logan during his Christmas program at school. For some reason they put him front and center which is good for me as a mom, but he is almost the tallest kid in 2nd grade so I'm not sure the other moms appreciated it.
Santa came to Lyndie's class to see the kids and ask them what they wanted for Christmas.
Christmas Eve at Grandma English's house

Christmas morning.

Mallory went to the dollar store and bought everybody presents. Jeremy got some new shaving cream. :)
We adopted an Elf on the Shelf this year to keep an eye on the kids. They had a lot of fun each morning trying to figure out where "Edward" would be hiding.